Hair Care Line

Think all salon products are the same? Think again. Many hair care products may look like what you see in salons, however looks can be deceiving. This type of unauthorized manufacturing and selling of products is called diversion.




An instance of turning something aside from its course.
An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.


What every client should know about diversion.

Perhaps you’ve seen professional hair care products sold in your neighborhood drugstore or on the Internet. Most likely, these products were acquired by someone who unethically purchased these products from various sources and, once they collected enough product, re-sold them to a mass distributor who specializes in selling “gray market” product to unauthorized retail establishments.

Why is this bad?

Diverted product may be old, damaged or even counterfeit. Salon professionals are trained to recommend the proper hair care products for their client’s particular hair type and condition. Diverted product hurts the stylist who takes pride in providing only professional services and products and you the consumer who trusts professional brands to deliver the highest quality ingredients.

What salons and concerned consumers can do…

If you discover diverted goods in an unauthorized outlet notify the proper distributor and call the manufacturer. Manufacturers do not want to anger salons or consumers (a personal call from each and every angry salon would speak volumes to the product manufacturer). Also alert the store manager that they are selling unauthorized and diverted goods in their store. They may not care at that moment but if you and everyone you know mentions this to them…they will tell their upper management and it may make a difference.


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